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    The Laboratory

    The Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory (TTLog) (FEK 1203/B/23-06-2016) is a renaming of the Transport Engineering Laboratory, which was founded in 2005 and belongs to the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Thessaly. TTLog aims at the enforcement of the educational and research activities and the encouraging of close cooperation with other laboratories and research institutes.
    Among the objectives of the laboratory are:

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  • Research

    Our research projects cover 8 thematic areas:
    1) Transportation planning, design and evaluation
    2) Transport safety
    3) User behavior analysis
    4) Development and implementation of advanced transport technologies
    5) Traffic and transport management
    6) Freight transport and logistics
    7) Public transport
    8) Transport interchanges

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  • The People

    Our faculty is always there to help. Find contact information and resources for our staff…

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  • News

    The Latest News & Important Announcements form our Laboratoty. Stay up to date!

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News & Announcements

The Latest News & Important Announcements from our Laboratory. Stay up-to-date!